Top 5 Best Hawaii Activities

The unique islands of Hawaii offer visitors a plethora of activities to choose from. Whether it be by land or by sea, the possibilities for adventure are endless. But when you travel to Hawaii, you have to prioritize which activities to plan into your schedule, because unfortunately, you can’t do them all. So how do you narrow down when you have so much to choose from? We’ve created a list of the 5 top activities to do while vacationing in Hawaii, to make your decision-making a little easier.

Snorkeling- This is an all time favorite and a much-anticipated activity for Hawaii vacationers. And it never gets old. Seeing the underwater world alive with tropical fish, turtles, coral reef, or hearing whale songs will have you in awe time and time again. And what’s so great about this activity is it’s so easy to access. The only bit of work required is renting your snorkel equipment, and shops that rent this gear can be found dotted liberally around the islands. It’s a great activity for kids and adults alike, and once you’ve experienced a little bit of the tropical sea life, you’ll be hard pressed to get out of that warm water.

Surf lessons- What Hawaii vacation is complete without riding a wave? With Hawaii being the surf Mecca of the world, it’s a great place to try surfing, and the reward of standing up on a wave is beyond imaginable. Many people say once you surf your first wave, you’re hooked chasing that thrill for life. This is another kid-friendly activity, and with so many gentle breaks along the coastlines, the surf lesson options are unending. It’s a great way to be active and experience something authentically Hawaii, plus it’s a fun story to tell everyone back home about.

Zip lining- Zip what? It’s the newest rage for Hawaii activities and adventure, and is one of the best ways to see the landscapes of the island. Sturdy cables are strung throughout lush valleys, above rivers, and over waterfalls, giving you the ultimate aerial view of the land below. It’s a safe activity for all ages, and safety debriefing is a priority on all tours. Many of the islands are expanding their zip line territory, so you can fly over more grounds and see more tropical sights. The tours are also filled with other activities, such as river walking and swimming, off-road driving, lunch in the rainforest, and more. Plus many of the guides are wealths of knowledge on the island’s history and legends, giving you a rich experience while on island.

Cruise- Taking a boat cruise to explore the coastline of the island is an unforgettable experience, and tends to many people’s highlight of their trip. You can choose a snorkel cruise, swim with dolphins cruise, whale watching cruise, romantic sunset cruise, the themes are endless! These activities offer a day of adventure, with onboard cocktails, food, music, and many times even live entertainment. The crewmembers are always friendly and knowledgeable, and often you’ll meet people who you share common interests with, making the trip not only fun and memorable, but social as well

Luau- Although they might sound kitschy and overdone, a Hawaiian luau is actually one of the best parties you will probably attend all year. Chuck full with authentic, savory foods, tropical cocktails, live entertainment, and cultural activities, a luau is a taste of authentic Hawaii. Many of the members in luaus are native, with a passion for what they do and a deep love for their island. They share their culture with you genuinely, and it really is the perfect time and the place to let loose; learn to hula, watch the imua ceremony, sample traditional Hawaiian food, with so much included in a luau, it’s definitely a well-worthwhile activity.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher