A Day of Doxie Derby Cuteness

Every Memorial Day weekend, hundreds of Hawaiian hot dogs make an appearance at Honolulu’s Thomas Square Park. Not for a barbecue but rather for a race of pure cuteness. The Fourth Annual Hawaii Wiener Derby invites all animal lovers to cheer on the Dachshunds as they shuffle their tiny legs to a finish.

How can you not think this is cute?! Pakala is on the far right, trying to keep his focus!

This will be the second year we enter our little Pakala. Last year, he raced in the puppy pision, and this time around, he’ll be running with the big dogs. But even if you’ve traveled to the islands without the furry member of the family, anyone’s welcomed to attend this tail-wagging event.

“Visitors should check it out because it’s a fun way to spend your day outside in Hawaii, (especially) if you’re an animal lover,” said derby coordinator Sheree Revilla, who also mentioned that there will be dogs of all breeds who show up for the Hawaiian Humane Society game day, which is in conjunction with the derby.

VIDEO: What does it take to be a racing wiener winner?

You might also find something cool to bring back to Fido. There will be booths set up by pet-related vendors selling everything from dog treats to Hawaiian print leashes. Last year, we got poi-flavored biscuits for Pakala, and he loved it! Some booths even offer helpful information for your pet, when it comes to Fido’s health, diet and fitness.

More than 150 Doxies are signed up to race tomorrow. Heat by heat, they line up in starting boxes and make their way across the 50-foot track upon the referee’s signal to start. Some races have each lane separated; the Hawaii Derby doesn’t and instead has a wide open course, which is part of the fun – as the Doxies run this way and that before finally cruising their way to the finish line. Meanwhile, the owners cheer on their pets, some desperately trying to get their dogs’ attention with their favorite squeak toy. I honestly think that watching the owners during a race can be the most entertaining part!

Former Gov. Linda Lingle will be the Guest Master of Ceremonies this year.

With such short legs, what makes Doxies good racers? Sheree laughed and said she had no idea! Sometimes it’s a hop, skip and a jump for them to the finish while other times, they’ll run in the opposite direction or lay in the shade. It all just depends on who will listen to their owner on Game Day!

Photo Credit: Hawaii Wiener Derby

4TH ANNUAL HAWAII WIENER DERBY • Tomorrow (May 26, 2012) at 10am-2pm • Thomas Square Park 925 S. Beretania St., Honolulu, HI 96814 • Metered street parking; near bus route • www.hiwienerderby.com

Posted by: Bruce Fisher