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Breakfast at the Shore Bird

If I had to choose between Shore Bird Waikiki’s dinner or breakfast, then it would definitely be breakfast. My family and I celebrated there twice during the past year; our first time was for dinner in celebration of my sister’s birthday and this past weekend, we went for an early Mother’s Day breakfast buffet.

Breakfast for champs at the Shore Bird in Waikiki.

The breakfast foods were much more flavorful and well worth the price, as compared to dinner. Customers cook their own dinner at the restaurant’s community grill, so perhaps this could have been why our dinner dishes weren’t as tasty. Not to mention, we left the Shore Bird and realized we were still kind of hungry; the portions could have been bigger.

The breakfast buffet, of course, allows customers to eat as much as they so desire. There’s a nice selection that includes fruits, pastries, french toast, meats and fried rice. I made sure to try the fried rice, which wasn’t like my mom’s fried rice, but then again, not many are! Her’s is by far the best. It would have been nice to have more fresh fruit options instead of canned ones. But overall, very good food for an affordable price of just $13.95. That’s almost unheard of for a buffet of any sorts. I guess that’s why they were voted “Best Value on the Beach!”

It’s apparent that the Shore Bird makes a valiant effort in keeping their breakfast local. The french toast wasn’t made with any ‘ole bread but rather Hawaiian sweet bread, mmm. There were baked coconut breads and slices of fresh pineapple and papaya, as well as a local favorite of steamed mahimahi.

The view of Waikiki couldn’t be more postcard worthy!

My favorite part of the morning had to be the ocean view. Our tables were practically on the beach, where we could watch surfers play in the ocean waves with Diamond Head as their backdrop. Because we arrived for an early breakfast, the beach was practically empty, and therefore, nice and quiet while we enjoyed our food. We left at about 10 a.m. and couldn’t help but be grateful that we did; the line had been out the door and almost to the hotel lobby. You can alway make reservations, however, to bypass the wait.

SHORE BIRD WAIKIKI • 2169 Kalakaua Ave., Honolulu, HI 96815 • 808-922-2887 • www.shorebirdwaikiki.com • Validated parking; near bus route

Photo Credit (second): Lori-Ann Navares

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on May 17, 2012