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The Secrets of Hawaii Travel Agents

What makes a travel agent unique and stand out amongst the others who offer the same service? A genuine passion for what they do and knowledge on the destination they offer travel to. It is this simple idea that Hawaii Aloha Travel created its business upon; Gathering qualified travel experts who have a common desire to share their home with others. Locals who come from the islands make for the perfect Hawaii travel agent, which is why all of our travel professionals are either natives or lived on island for a significant amount of time.

The secrets of our Hawaii travel agents is their ability to match a person to an island, and everything it encompasses. It also lies in their genuine desire to hear the excitement coming from having booked a trip to Hawaii. Our Hawaii travel agents are consistently met with happy clients and successful vacation testimonies. And we’re sure they can attribute this to their native knowledge of the islands, which allows them to share experiences and local secrets that would be otherwise unknown to other travel agents.

It requires professionalism yet a personal touch, competence yet an ability to think beyond the expected. It takes an agent who knows what they’re talking about, an agent who comes from Hawaii and can create something memorable, every time. And when you receive friendly service, you feel genuinely cared for, and can trust your agent to create the ideal vacation for you. Leave the time consuming hassle of planning a vacation to an experienced travel expert, without handing over all creativity for your vacation. They work directly with you, one-on-one, to design the perfect Hawaiian vacation package that fulfills all your travel expectations.

Travel agents that work directly within their home locations can offer clients well rounded recommendations, guidance, and local secrets that can only come from noteworthy time spent in a specific place. They offer an insider’s look into the best restaurants, beaches, hikes, resorts, island activities, tours, and much more. Give us a try and contact one of our local agents today. They are standing by, waiting to work with you and create the most memorable vacation of your lifetime

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on May 11, 2012