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Paper or Plastic? Or Biodegradable Plastic?

Looks like Honolulu County will continue bagging with plastic – but only if they’re biodegradable. Mayor Peter Carlisle signed into law yesterday a bill that goes into effect mid-2015. It will also include biodegradable paper bags made of at least 40 percent post-consumer content.

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This makes Hawaii the only state in which each county has a plastic bag regulation. Maui and Kauai counties already have bans in place, with Hawaii County and Honolulu County following suit. All counties but Honolulu have a total ban on any kind of plastic, allowing only paper bags or reusable ones instead.

Under the bill, the only nonbiodegradable plastic bags allowed would be those used to package loose produce or to wrap frozen foods, meats, flowers or live fish. The biodegradable plastics, however, are just as durable as nonbiodegradable bags.

Stray bags have become hazards to the environment and end up in the ocean by way of storm drains or streams. It’s not only considered littering but also an endangerment to animals who may mistaken plastics for food.

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Posted by: Bruce Fisher on May 11, 2012