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Hawaii Travel Agencies and Why Local is Better

When traveling to Hawaii, you want a unique, authentic experience that is fitting to your expectations. While many travel agencies appear to be experts on Hawaii, you may be surprised to know that the majority of agents are working from somewhere in the mainland. And although they may be able to get you good deals on airfare and accommodations, they may not be getting you the best experience for your buck. And who better than a seasoned local to know where to find the most secluded beach, sweetest shave ice, or secret hike to a waterfall? For every pitch from a mainland travel agent, there is another one waiting for you from a knowledgeable native in Hawaii.

With so many Hawaii travel agencies to choose from, it’s hard to sift through and find the ideal one. For first time travelers visiting the islands, it is especially essential to highlight and prioritize the vacation and shape it around your ultimate anticipation of what Hawaii represents to you. Have you always hoped to swim with sea turtles or dolphins? Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking to explore the rainforests? Does the warm sun and a cold cocktail entice you? Perhaps you want a little bit of everything; some relaxation, adventure, and of course your fill of the tropical water and white sand beaches. So it’s important to choose the travel company that suits your lifestyle, and knows how to accurately plan your vacation based on you.

Hawaii Aloha Travel offers a wide variety of Hawaii travel specialists, offering their clients a personalized service with a local touch. Each representative is either homegrown to the islands, or has lived in the archipelago for a significant amount of time, ensuring clients a familiarized sense of the islands. Unlike other Hawaii travel agencies who lack originality and authenticity, Hawaii Aloha is successful in designing vacations that are personalized to the inpidual(s) traveling.

If you’re new to Hawaii, know that choosing your specific island destination is just as important as creating the getaway. Our travel experts know that if a client seeks leisure, natural beauty, rural landscapes, or spectacular beaches, they will most likely enjoy Kauai or Maui over Oahu. They also know that a lively nightlife doesn’t only exist in Waikiki, but also in Lahaina (Maui) and Kona (Big Island). History and culture is present on every island, but some contain more popular landmarks, such as Pearl Harbor (on Oahu), Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (on Big Island), or the remote settlement of Kalaupapa (on Molokai).

If you are a returning visitor to the islands, then you want someone who can exceed your last experience and offer new, exciting activities and options while vacationing. Maybe during this visit to Maui you want to stay in the Upcountry of Kula and enjoy the quiet simplicity of a quaint town. Or you may want to pack in as much exploration as possible and island hop, or take a cruise around the Hawaiian chain. Perhaps you want to see more of the local lifestyle and see bands, performances, or luaus. Our seasoned specialists are practiced to perfection in designing your ideal vacation, so check out our website and begin planning your Hawaii trip today. You will clearly see why local is better once you’ve worked with us.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on May 8, 2012