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Super Cool Super Moon

Cinco de Mayo revelers can look forward to the biggest moon of the year this Saturday. They’re calling it a super moon and expect it to be at its fullest and brightest right before midnight. So what does that mean for people in Hawaii?

A beautiful moonlit night on Kauai.

It means experiencing the outdoors after dark. Taking a moonlit stroll doesn’t have to be a romantic activity; it’s fun for families with children or even families with pets. The entire beach lights up in the moon’s gentle white glow, making it easy to see your footprints in the sand. You might even notice tiny white sand crabs scurrying from hole to hole or people fishing along the shoreline in hopes that the full moon will bring them a lucky catch.

Taking a guided moonlit hike can also be super cool during a super moon. One of our bloggers talks about a stroll down Haeana Beach on the north side of Kauai, which would be more appropriate for the little ones. If you’re looking for a little more adventure, check out the guided moonlit hike of Waihee Refuge on Maui. My friends have told me that it’s an easy 2-mile path through an ancient Hawaiian fishing village, complete with spooky stories and a gourmet campfire dinner.

From the land to the sea, many people in the islands enjoy night surfing as well. It might be more difficult for tourists to do because board rental shops will most likely be closed. Also, you have to remember that lifeguards won’t be on duty for that very same reason. But watching others surf from shore can be just as entertaining. Layout a beach mat, kick off your shoes and enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean at night.Photo Credit: Noa Myers

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on May 2, 2012