Cash Mobs Highlight Small Hawaii Businesses

The Cash Mob wave has recently hit our Hawaiian shores. It’s a national movement that started on the east coast and supports small businesses by having a group of people spend money en masse. Similar to how a flash mob happens at a specific time and location (usually a dance), cash mobs meet at a local mom-and-pop type business with each person committed to buying $20 worth of stuff.

Stocking up on trail mixes at The Source, Hawaii’s very first cash mob location.

The next one on Oahu will be in June and welcomes tourists to discover Hawaii in a non-traditional way. JoAnn Cheung of Hawaii’s Cash Mob said it’s not only a way to meet some of the locals, but “It’s a great way to support a local small business that may not be in travel guides.” So if you’re looking for something off-the-beaten path, then this might be worth checking out this summer.

The first cash mob in the islands happened last month. The small group of 13 met at Agnes’ Portuguese Bake Shop in Kailua, where the official location had been revealed to participants – the state’s first certified organic health food store called The Source Natural Foods. The group walked a couple doors down from the bake shop and mobbed the tiny store with much excitement for a positive cause.

The Source continues to give back to the community through radio talk shows. JoAnn thought this would be a good way to show the owners that the community still supports them, despite the recent opening of a big-name health food store. Overall, the location they choose must be locally owned, give back to the community and have items for men/women that are less than $20.

The AfterMob at a small Kailua shop, known for its freshly-baked treats.

Don’t forget about the AfterMob, when participants regroup and celebrate over food and drinks. The Hawaii mob returned to Agnes’, also a locally-owned business, and enjoyed malasadas, bread pudding and drinks. It’s the perfect function for families and friends to make memories and to, of course, get their shop on in Hawaii!

CASH MOB HAWAII • Next one in June 2012; Location TBD • For updates, find them on Twitter @CashMobHawaii or Facebook

Photo Credit: Cash Mob Hawaii

Posted by: Bruce Fisher