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Hawaii Five-0 Fans in the Spotlight

The red carpet was opened to Hawaii Five-0 fans this weekend, as filming for the second season wrapped up. This decidedly non-networking event was more of a thank you to viewers from one of the islands’ favorite on-screen personalities.

Taylor Wily gives his fans true star treatment on the red carpet.

Taylor Wily plays shave ice and shrimp truck entrepreneur Kamekona in a recurring role on the CBS television series. Unlike others on the show, he needed no coaching in the local pidgin dialect. Born in a small town on the north coast of Oahu, he’s as local as they come. Although he now appears in front of the cameras, Taylor says he was always a fan of the original show. “I was born into the Hawaii Five-0 ohana,” he said. Ohana is usually translated as “family,” but the Hawaiian word means much more than the traditional nuclear family. It often includes those connected by love or friendship, as well as genetics. For a few hours Saturday evening, Taylor embraced his Hawaii Five-0 ohana with opened arms.

The evening turned the tables on the traditional network premiere, putting fans on the red carpet and allowing them virtually unlimited access to Taylor. He posed with everyone who entered, autographed anything presented and answered questions for anyone who asked. Before this weekend, some local fans knew one another only through blogs or social media. This was a chance for them to meet for the first time. Some had acted in an episode or more of the show. A few traveled from the mainland just for this event. Others were old friends, or friends of the local organizers. They took photos with Taylor, chatted with one another, enjoyed musical performances and a beautiful (if occasionally misty) evening at Aloha Tower in Honolulu — all while sharing their favorite Hawaii Five-0 stories.

“ Five-0 Redux” blogger Wendie Burbridge (left, in red) mingling with other Wrap’Um attendees.

An aside: organizers kept a wary eye on the skies, concerned that the mist and occasional drizzle might turn into actual rain. Three of the mainland visitors came from Arizona and California. One of them said, “It was 100 degrees today in Phoenix, so we just got on a plane and came.” It is so easy to forget that even what we consider poor weather here is only slightly less than perfect to people from mainland states.

The event had been put together through a community effort of bloggers, photographers, comedians and performers. Bruce and Yaling Fisher of Hawaii Aloha Travel (HAT) did a very fine job as well in orchestrating a memorable night for Five-0 fans. And in the true spirit of aloha, everyone was welcomed to the party to celebrate one of Hawaii’s favorite shows and beloved sons, Taylor Wily.

(Top) Bruce Fisher with our fans visiting from the mainland. (Bottom) Yaling Fisher being her funny self.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Apr 23, 2012