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How Some Get Their Hawaiian Food Fix

If you’re really desperate for local Hawaii food, then consider this…or don’t. I came across this site called Hawaiian Food Online, which ships frozen Hawaiian foods to anywhere in the U.S. So the manapua, malasada and laulau you sampled during your Hawaii vacation can now be eaten in the comfort of your own home. Or if you’re dying to try some before getting here, I’d suggest practicing that good ol’ virtue called patience.Desperate times call for desperate measures.

It’s probably a good idea if you’re craving jams or chocolate macadamia nuts; stuff that don’t require refrigeration. But I can’t imagine how a defrosted manapua would taste, probably soggy. Yuck! And a frozen malasada just wouldn’t do its malasada brethren justice. It’s all about the fresh-out-of-the-oven ones from Leonard’s Bakery!

The company ships from Las Vegas, which may be called the ninth Hawaiian isle by some but really, it’s not! Who knows how long those foods were kept in a cooler somewhere. And the prices are ridiculously expensive! It cost $10.99 (not including shipping) for 28 pieces of chocolate covered macadamia nuts, as compared to the price you pay at a store, about $4 a box. For two 33-oz. chicken laulau, the company charges $65.99 (not including shipping) as a package “deal.”

Maybe it’s just that I’m used to eating this stuff when it’s freshly made. Actually, I think it’s that I don’t trust it tasting the same or even being safe to eat, since most local foods consist of seafood or poultry.

But like I said earlier, if you’re truly desperate for a taste of Hawaii and are willing to pay the extra price, then check out the site. I’m trying to put myself in your shoes. If I had to move away and had no means of satiating my cravings for Hawaiian food, then I’d splurge on whatever I could get my hands on, OR I’d just book a trip to the islands; like you should be doing in the first place!

HAWAIIAN FOOD ONLINE • www.hawaiianfoodonline.com

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Apr 7, 2012