Amelia Earhart Search Aboard Hawaii Ship

An expedition to uncover pilot Amelia Earhart’s fate will take flight this summer – with as much “fearless optimism” as she had in her attempt to be the first woman to circumnavigate the world 75 years ago. The search for clues will resume in the waters off Nikumaroro, a southwestern Pacific island in Kiribati.

during her stay in the islands.

Researchers point to the uninhabited island as a possible hot spot after finding artifacts, combined with archival research, as evidence for a castaway presence. According to The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR), the Navy searched the atoll from air a few days after Earhart mysteriously vanished while flying over the Pacific. However, they did not search the ocean. TIGHAR will also be basing their upcoming search off of a 1937 photo, which shows what could be the undercarriage of Earhart’s airplane in the reef.

Supported by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and the Discovery Channel, the expedition will use high-tech underwater equipment to survey the general area. They’ll sail from Honolulu aboard the University of Hawaii oceanographic research ship R/V Ka Imikai O Kanaloa on July 2, the 75th anniversary of Earhart’s disappearance.

If you want to learn more about Earhart, then check out a photo display of her at the Pacific Aviation Museum. The display shows a relaxed and playful Earhart enjoying her time in the islands. Unlike the common photos we see of her in her aircraft, these photos show another side of Earhart, sharing a pineapple with Kahanamoku and participating in a tea ceremony.

Perhaps July’s expedition will lead to yet another museum display showcasing the next chapter of Earhart’s time in the skies.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher