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Widening Kailua Beach to Steer Off Erosion

The scene at Kailua Beach next week will look similar to Waikiki, with huge trucks of sand driving up and down in an effort to widen the shoreline. The city plans to spread the sand from the boat ramp to the stream mouth but did not specify how much wider they project the beach will be.

They did say, like Waikiki closures, that Kailua Beach will be closed Monday to Friday, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. between the boat ramp and Kaelepulu Stream. This is a much needed project because of how apparent and visible erosion has become for this east-side beach. As the sand erodes, tree roots and rocks have also become exposed over time, leaving little shore for beach-goers. Erosion is also evident in the steep walls of sand, some as high as four feet, that barricade the shoreline.

Prior to this, the city’s focus seemed to be on the stream. Construction cranes would routinely dig out sand near the mouth of the stream in order to prevent flooding and stagnation. The sand had been piling up next to the stream for years. Now, this sand will be recycled and used in the upcoming beach-widening effort.

In the end, this week of work will be worth it with possibly more work to come. Like many other residents, I also noticed just how quickly Kailua’s shoreline has been disappearing. Every time I visit the beach, the shoreline looks smaller and smaller. It’s scary to think what Kailua Beach would look like 10 years from now. Who knows? There may not even be any beach left!

If you’re visiting next week and looking to spend the day on that side, then there’s still plenty of beach to enjoy. Check out Lanikai Beach, just south of the boat ramp, or Kalama Beach, which is at the northern end of Kailua bay. Both beaches are less than a 5-minute drive from Kailua Beach. So there’s still lots of sun, sand and surf to be had despite the temporary inconveniences.

KAILUA BEACH WIDENING • Trucks will be dumping sand from the boat ramp to the stream mouth • Closures Mon-Fri, 7am-6pm

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Mar 17, 2012