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Real-Life Horror on Set of ‘The River’

With ratings for ABC’s newest spooky drama looking murkier by the week, some on set point to the foreboding experiences – while filming earlier in the season – as possible bad omens. I wasn’t surprised when I came across an article revealing the haunted Hawaii set the crew filmed at – an abandoned children’s asylum next to a cemetery. I’m not sure which one it was, but I’m pretty certain that an asylum and a cemetery would make for a double spooky experience. The crew claimed that the horror portrayed in the fictional show, The River, became reality for them on set.

Actor Shaun Parkes describes how he may have been “spared” from the supernatural set.

Shaun Parkes, who plays Andreus Jude (the show’s videographer), explained how overnight security called it quits the next day after freaky things happened during their shift. “Big men” were coming up to him and telling him that they weren’t going inside.

Parkes powered through everyone’s skeptical claims with a determined mindset. He told himself that he had to go inside and that if he shows any signs of weakness, the “bully” would find him. It seems his nerve-calming strategy proved to work after all. Instead of acting in the scenes set in the asylum, the director decided last-minute not to include Parkes. While Parkes waited comfortably outside for several hours, the actors inside of the abandoned asylum experienced many frightening mishaps.

The list of injuries during the filming included a broken leg, a broken elbow and an injured knee after tripping and falling. Parkes said people heard their names being called when it really wasn’t and that when he took pictures, they never came out right.

I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to the supernatural stuff. I probably wouldn’t have gone inside of the asylum, even if they bribed me with big bucks because some things just shouldn’t be messed with. That includes places of rest for the dead, i.e. a cemetery! We hear all too often in the news about strange things also happening on construction sites; usually those in which ancient remains have been found. My dad worked on such a site in Kaneohe and said eerie things happened on a daily basis. One day, a 30-foot rock wall collapsed, injuring a worker, while the next day, a guy accidentally shot a nail through his foot with a nail gun.

My dad said after a string of similar occurrences, the company decided to have the place blessed by a kahuna (priest). She prayed and brought ti leaves to ward off any evil spirits. Apparently, the blessing worked because there haven’t been any unexplained incidents since. Perhaps The River production crew should have had the abandoned asylum blessed before filming there. This could be a good lesson for Hollywood whenever filming at someplace skeptical.

Photo Credit: ABC Network

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Mar 17, 2012