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Televised Storage Auction Hunt in Hawaii

Going ONCE! Going TWICE! SOLD to the man in the aloha shirt and rubber slippers!

The crew from Spike TV’s hit series Auction Hunters has been spotted in the islands this week for the filming of its third season. It follows antique collectors Allen Haff and Ton Jones as they traverse the country in search of treasures from abandoned storage units. It’s exciting for our local antique collectors who will also try their hand at some tough televised bargaining.An ‘Auction Hunters’ sighting this morning – the Kailua edition.

Yesterday, the Self Storage unit on Kapiolani Boulevard and Waialae Avenue came to life, as the excitement of a live auction took place. A crowd of auctioneers, bidders, spectators and production crew members swarmed the usually quiet space, and the rush of cars that normally whiz past to get onto the freeway instead took a slower pace. Drivers couldn’t help but look at the happening storage hot spot.

Today, the laid-back town of Kailua got its share of Hollywood hype. The buzzing swarm of auction bees found a new hive to investigate – the storage on Hamakua Street, near Big City Diner. Apparently, the show’s pretty popular with the Kailuans. Some drove by shouting, “YUUUUP! YUUP! ” They got the right idea, but actually that’s from a different storage auction show on A&E TV called Storage Wars. Bidder Dave Hester is notorious for shouting “YUUUP” each time he places a bid. My friend posted the above photo on Facebook and instantly got comments like, “No wayz you not gettin’ in my laka brah.” Haha, typical!

This season of Auction Hunters travels to seven different locations, including Alaska, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, California and Hawaii. Last season, the show averaged about 1.7 million viewers and ranked in the top five shows on cable in the Men 18-49 time slot, according to a Spike TV press release.

Allen and Ton have a long history in the business. Allen owned his first antique business in Texas by the age of 24 and was one of the earliest sellers on eBay to auction off vintage collectibles. Ton is a renowned auction hunter in southern California and claims his expertise lies in rare coins and weaponry, like medieval swords and daggers.

I’d say that’s some pretty exciting stuff for a Wednesday morning in the islands. Wonder what they’ll discover in our Hawaii storage units…surfboards, Asian tea cups, shark teeth? Samurai swords, for sure. That’ll excite Ton.

Photo Credit: Peter Pang

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Feb 15, 2012