The “Sh*t People Say” viral video craze hasn’t died down just yet because there’s one more video I’m about to flood your virtual mediums with – “Sh*t People from Hawaii Say.” No, I didn’t make this video, but I wanted to blog about it, especially for our readers not from here because: (1) While it’s safe to say this is an over-exaggerated version of a “local” Hawaii person, the video has some valid stuff you’ll definitely hear and see. LOL. And (2) Hopefully it’s something you can really laugh at after your actual visit to the islands.

Meet Ryan Higa, a 21-year-old from Hilo on the Big Island. His YouTube Channel (NigaHiga) has become the second most subscribed channel in the site’s history, with 5.1 million subscribers. I don’t know him personally but have been following his videos and would like to think we’re close pals.

This is Ryan’s second “Sh*t People Say” video, which he refers to as the “Deleted Scene” because people not from Hawaii probably wouldn’t have understood it. Hence, the subtitles. You might also want to bust out your Pidgin 101 app right about now!VIDEO: What you’ll most likely hear people from Hawaii saying.

I found the same video without subtitles; combined, he had close to a couple million views. People apparently from Hawaii commented with, “Crazy I understood all of that; shoots!” And those not from here, well, let’s just say it all makes sense now: “NOW I GET IT!!!! yay thanks man,” and “stupid ‘hally’ – thanks for the subs (!).” OK, maybe @AgataRP didn’t quite get it…But thankfully, @KalihiC11 was there to help him out: “Haole not hally.”

It’s funny, but I never realized how much “people from Hawaii,” myself included, repeat themselves. “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.” No, really, THAT many times. Or “Right on, right on.” I think I say that one a lot, or at least when I’m talking to da uncles at da beach and turn on da Pidgin, la dat.

I have to say that Ryan did forget a couple major ones, though. The infamous Hawaiian warrior call, “ Cheehooooo,” similar to “ Yahoo!” Or what about some of the ones Lanai Tabura taught you in the Pidgin 101 app he created? “ Bumbai I going go Kimo’s house fo’ pound some beeeuhs.”

I wonder if Ryan will be adding more videos to his collection of “Sh*t Hawaii People Say” videos. I can think of so many more! @wesawwisa suggested, “Sh*t that titas say.” Just throw on a wig and do one please.” But perhaps those will have to be saved for the next viral video trend.


  1. pidgen is a recognized language with syntax and double entandra unique to hawaii and influenced by the her aboriginal and imported dialects. not dissimilar to ebonics, patois, or creole. so unique is the language that degrees have been given for it’s etymology.

    c no diff den how da popolo talk or da rastsas. what no believe. try ack up. try b smaat. u no can. cause u no undastand. where u wen grad stoopid…

  2. The “Chee Hooo” is actually Samoan. We call it “Faaumu” [Fah-ah-ooh-moo] It’s basically used at celebrations and you kind of have to have permission to do it. You’re not supposed to do it for no reason. Back in the old days if you’re walking through the village and do it for no reason, you would get a beating. Seriously.

  3. It’s so interesting how different it is when “Haoles” or Caucasian people try to speak Pidgen English and how “Locals” or Hawaiians would speak it. I am born in Hawaii, so I am capable of speaking in Pidgen… I haven’t spoken in Pidgen English for quite a time but I can see that it has affected my usual English speaking. It’s almost like learning another language entirely because during this video, I could understand what Ryan said without the subtitles at all… and Blue MENPACHI??? I can see that if you weren’t from Hawai’i… you wouldn’t understand it at all…

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