Dog the Bounty Hunter Gets Straight to Business

The world’s most famous bounty hunter, Duane “Dog” Chapman, and his posse mean business. We’re not just talking about their rough and tough ways in tracking down fugitives. We’re talking about an actual business.The dog house comes to Hawaii Kai, except without the furry fidos.

Dog and his wife Beth opened a logo merchandise retail store in Hawaii Kai recently, selling clothing, photos, books and DVDs. Customers can even learn a few “Dogisms” printed on shirts like, “At the end of the criminal rainbow, there is no pot of gold.” Named “Da Kine Dog House,” the store is close to Dog and his wife’s Portlock home at the Koko Marina Shopping Center and welcomed by neighboring merchants. Or as one merchant joked, it’s fine as long as he doesn’t bring any criminals there.

This is actually their second retail store, replacing a gift shop they had in Downtown Honolulu near their bail bond office. The store’s opening last month drew dozens of fans to the shop, where Dog and his wife signed autographs. Because of their busy filming schedule, fans were delighted to get a rare public glimpse of the reality television stars.Dog and his wife have become one of Hollywood’s toughest couples.

The eighth season of their show premieres on A&E Network Jan. 4, when the Chapman posse return to give fans more action-packed hunts in the islands and on the U.S. mainland. In his 27-year career, Dog’s made 6,000 captures. This season’s opening episode will be a hunt for a guy who got caught carrying almost a pound of methamphetamine.

Dog has become a modern-day hero for many, especially after he, himself, served time behind bars and made a full 180 to the right side of the law. He not only captures fugitives but encourages them to turn their lives around like he did. His list of fugitives included high-profile rapist Andrew Luster, Atlanta child murderer Wayne Williams and notorious Kona burglar Bryan Blair to name a few.

Dogisms printed on T-shirts suggest a few things to consider.

Dog not only identifies himself as a reality star, business owner and bounty hunter – but also as an author. His television series inspired him to write an autobiographical book in 2007 called You Can Run But You Can’t Hide and then two years later, a book called Where Mercy is Shown, Mercy is Given. He writes about his family background, Texas imprisonment and his philosophy of giving second chances. Check out the Hawaii Aloha Travel podcast discussing Dog’s most recent novel.

Photo Credit: Yaling and Bruce Fisher (Store); Scott Gries, AETV (Dog and Beth)