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Eating the Streets of Hawaii

It wasn’t hard to spot Meka Nelson and Devo Brown at this month’s Eat the Street, a popular food truck rally on Oahu. They were the ones wearing lei – halted dead in their tracks – or perhaps in the tracks of the tasty shrimp-and-bacon-mac-and-cheese they excitedly chowed down.

Either way, the two from Malibu had the right idea. VIDEO: Foodies unite and rally for some local flavors at Eat the Street.

“What do the Hawaiians say? ‘We don’t eat ‘til we’re full. We eat ‘til we’re tired,’” said Meka, giggling as she gulped another cheesy bite. “I think that’s what we’re going to do tonight!”

Eat the Street’s where it’s at for a hungry, hungry Hawaii. And for tourists, it’s a great way to get a true taste of the island’s culinary persity. The foodie’s dream happens monthly and brings together lunch wagons that are sure to drive your taste buds mad! Guava chicken, garlic shrimp, ono pops and poke bowls top the list of local delights while the South heads overseas for some chicken and waffles all around.

But the longest line had to be right in front of the wagon selling the fried spam musubi, an interesting twist to a local fav. The truck’s motto: “Everything tastes better fried.” And that couldn’t have been more appropriate by the looks of their menu. Mama’s Homemade Fried Chicken, the fried Spicy “Bomb” Musubi (spicy ahi) and a few fried desserts like oreos and cupcakes.By sunset, crowds fill in the Kakaako parking lot in search of something to eat.

Eat the Street sprang from the website www.StreetGrindz.com – which lists various Honolulu street vendors – and every month, attracts thousands with a little rumbly in their tumbly to the Kakaako parking lot. Organizers thought it’d be a low-key thing, but after almost a year of great food, full bellies and a side of entertainment, the Eat the Street fleet continues to grow.

Themes like Dia De Los Muertos for Halloween, Black Saturday and recently, Winterfest dress up trucks in their most delectable decor. This weekend, trucks wrapped in holiday lights made for an entirely different sight once the sun set, complete with a Chinese lion dance to ring in the new year.

Next month, the foodie force will be heading west to Kapolei (Kapolei High School • 91-5007 Kapolei Parkway • Saturday, Jan. 14, 4pm-9pm). But be sure to check the Street Grindz site for updates on when they’ll be returning to their Honolulu stomping grounds in the coming months.

EAT THE STREET • 555 South Street, Honolulu, Hawaii • www.StreetGrindz.com

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Dec 20, 2011