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Baby aWEARness Bounces into a Sustainable Lifestyle

One of my best friends just had a baby boy. She’s definitely the go-green, tie-dye wearing kind of gal who has even spent several months in Haiti working with underprivileged children. Simply put, she’s my all-time favorite hippy! And now my all-time favorite hippy mama. What a great combo. When the baby shower came around, I wanted to get her an eco-friendly baby gift. Luckily, I stumbled upon Baby aWEARness in the Manoa Marketplace.VIDEO: Baby aWEARness creates a new way of living for Hawaii parents.

Parents visiting the island should check out this store, even if you’re not the hippy type. “Baby A,” as they call themselves, educates parents and parents-to-be with an in-store resource center and monthly workshops. A few shelves of books and magazines allow customers to learn about everything from healthy cooking for baby and mom to what the first few weeks of motherhood is like. Baby A invites professionals from the community to share their love for children through classes such as, keiki (children) hula, mom and baby yoga, baby sign language classes and Japanese sing-a-longs.

The store prides itself as being Oahu’s only cloth diaper retail store and having a full-time, in-store lactation consultant that helps mothers to continue breastfeeding. Cloth diapers have been making a comeback recently for its eco- and pocket-friendliness and added comfort for baby. Baby A’s selection of cloth diapers – as well as their other products – has a nice touch of Hawaiiana to them. If it’s not the colorful Hawaiian prints, then it’s the push for locally made baby things.

Cloth diapers make a comeback in the Hawaii market as a sustainable way to catching those baby poops.

Mothers who want to share a green product they’ve created, also known as Mamapreneurs, often sell their things on consignment here. Mothers helping mothers – another sustainable concept that has made a h3 impact on this local business. Mamapreneurs, or in this case a Papapreneur, get crafty for the First Annual Handmade Holiday Market earlier this month.

I fell in love with some cute onesies that had hand-painted Hawaii designs on them. Even the baby swaddles came in a few Hawaii-themed prints. Hawaii has always been about sharing the Aloha Spirit with others, so why not start with the youngest family member? Your baby may be too small to wear a fresh lei, but he’s/she’s never too small to rock a dancing pineapple on his/her front-side.

All in all, Baby A is a great place to pick up some baby goods and tips for both locals and visitors alike. No matter what, it will at least be an experience to consult a lactation expert!

BABY AWEARNESS • Open Mon-Sun 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-1pm • Manoa Marketplace, 2752 Woodlawn Drive, Suite 5-209, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822 • 808-988-0100 • Free parking; Near bus stop

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Dec 15, 2011