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Have a Bento for a Bed

You’ve braved the waters and tried the mysterious spam musubi; slurped up some saimin at a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant; and even noticed that sushi shops just may outnumber Starbucks here. Hawaii loves its foods and loves sharing it. A variety of goodies from around the world has found its way to the Pacific, converging into a hub of multi-cultural foods that make our bellies happy and can now make our beds happy too.The biggest and fluffiest shave ice you’ll ever see in Hawaii. Comes with a straw and a holder.

These island favorites come in the form of pillows and instead of rice, are stuffed with cotton. They look exactly like the real foods…except life-sized and squishier. And although they may not taste very good, the pillows serve as constant reminders of Hawaii’s savory flavors. Your bed will look like a giant bento of these fluffy food replicas, making sleep look even more delicious than it already is.

Wabi Sabi in Honolulu specializes in making these pillows with a team ready to take your orders and fulfill your succulent slumber needs. Get a rainbow-flavored shave ice and a side of spam musubi. If you’re still hungry for more, they’ve got rolls of sushi to go! The pillows are about 8” x 12” in size and cost anywhere from $22 to $32.

Wabi Sabi may be hard to find. It’s tucked upstairs off of busy Koko Head Avenue. Just follow the “Musubi Heaven” sign that directs customers to the second floor of an old turquoise building, and you’ll find a treasure chest of handmade crafts.Have some tasty dreams when lying on these pillows. A mini bento to fulfill your cravings.

After Black Friday, you’re most likely sick of shopping. But consider these pillows a possible Christmas gift for those you haven’t yet covered on your list. I usually get one of these pillows for a visiting relative. The pillows’ oversized decadence makes them laugh every time and are a great way to show the world Hawaii’s eclectic foods. The designers make the dishes very authentic-looking; a sushi pillow has all the pertinent ingredients in the middle, including egg, tuna and cucumber.

You may also find the pillows at craft fairs. But if you really miss Hawaii and can’t get to the store, try your hand at sewing these pillows yourself. It’ll be almost as satisfying as eating the real thing!

WABI SABI • Open Tues to Sat, 10am-5pm • 1223 Koko Head Avenue, Suite 5, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816 • 808-734-3693 • Street and municipal parking available; Near bus route

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Nov 29, 2011