APEC 2011 — Focus on Trans-Pacific Agreement

It’s day three of APEC 2011 and there hasn’t been a lot of news to report however, that will change in the next few days as more delegates arrive and meetings begin to discuss agendas.

One of the most important things the United States would like to accomplish with APEC is to move the TPP agreements forward with participating economies which are all here for APEC. TPP is an acronym for Trans-Pacific Partnership and this is an important agreement because the hope is that this partnership will increase exports from the US to the participating countries which is vital to our economic recovery and will lead to increased jobs in the US. The current members of the TPP are Singapore, Chile, New Zealand Brunei, Australia Peru and Vietnam. The goal is to get additional Asia-Pacific countries on board and to eventually cover a region that would represent 40% of the world’s trade.

How will the world hear about all of the progress being made? It will all happen at the Hawaii convention Center at the international Media Center. The complex has room for over 2000 media representatives from all over the world. The Associated Press has a large presence as well as outlets from China Japan Russia who will all be sharing this information around the world in real-time.

Everything steps up a notch tomorrow when more countries are scheduled to be arriving and several more press conferences and meetings will be taking place both at the convention center and other locations in Waikiki.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher