Hawaii Islands are for the Ages….

Even for visitors and locals who can see the golden years’ on their horizon.

As I am also in the above category, I decided to attend the extremely popular annual Good Life Expo, (or more bluntly, the senior’s fair) for the first time to see what was out there in this category of goods and services. Statistically Hawaii has above the national average of percent population >65 years of age, and is topped by only Florida as the state with the highest percentage in this group. So in other words, there are PLENTY of locals using public and private services geared to their special needs. Which also means that Hawaii senior visitors can benefit from what’s out there too. I was looking for not only myself, but for possibly my 87 year old mother if she decides she can take a Hawaii vacation.

Upon entering the building I walked right into a group of sign bearers who swept you off to the far corner to get a flu shot. I had heard this was a huge draw for this event, and they have it managed better than any other crowed control I’ve ever seen.

Video: flu shot and Tai Chi

So, let’s just say that since I’m newly into this age group, these displays were an eye opener. We may be out in the middle of the ocean, but Hawaii has got ya covered in any area of need. As every community does, the islands offer funded services that appear to be easily accessed. If they match the level of helpfulness that was put forth by the people behind the counters who explained them, then you would be in good shape. Private agencies abound that can provide personal care attendants. In terms of the traveler, I can see something like this as very helpful if multi-generations travel together. For me, I know my mom might benefit from this if she comes, plus she’ll need a motorized scooter to get around. I found a local company that has good rates and delivers. They have a model that easily breaks down to go in the back of a car, even a smaller rental.

getting my back checked assisted living love local flowers!

For anyone who is thinking about Hawaii as a retirement destination, there are several brand new assisted/independent communities going up right now and several that have just opened, all in good locations. One local company called Senior Movers Hawaii will receive your moving shipment and get your home into move-in ready condition, even with art work installed on the walls and perishables in the fridge. And I learned about a program provided by the state where property tax is capped if you are eligible for the program, which did not seem to be based on income, but on age.

cancer center flu prevention dance classes

On a graver note, but still important, I saw the plans for the new state of the art University of Hawaii Cancer Center being built next to the medical school. Research as well as community health care will be conducted there and it is scheduled to open in 2013. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been impressed with the healthcare I have received since moving here. And for seniors this is something that has to be considered.

I came home with way too much literature to review in this blog, but if you have a question, I’ll dig through it and see if I can help or refer you. My arm is still just a tad sore from my shot yesterday, I’ve got some ideas for my mom, and I am planning my own future as we speak.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher