Freddie is lurking on Honolulu streets with the director of Gremlins. What could possibly go wrong?

First, Hawaii Five-0 Executive Producer Peter Lenkov confirmed that master of horror Joe Dante would direct a special Halloween show for the CBS crime drama, as he had for Halloween 2007 episode of CSI:New York. These tweets are both from September 7: (Lenkov)“Joe did an amazing job on my CSI NY Halloween ep it made sense to have him direct our Oct 31 ep as well.” (Dante) “Currently enroute to Hawaii. Asked to direct the Halloween episode of Hawaii 5-0, and my answer was (of course)“of course”!”

Then yesterday, broke an exclusive story that the actor who played Freddie Kreuger in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies is headed to Hawaii. According to the story by James Hibberd, Robert Englund “will play a homeless desert storm veteran who hangs around an ancient burial site and becomes a suspect in a murder investigation.”

That part made me nervous for a non-movie-related reason. Burial sites are very touchy issues in Hawaii. The relocation of ancestral bones for new construction always sparks controversy, whether it is for a Wal Mart store or expansion of a church. Families traditionally kept burial locations secret and cared for them surreptitiously. So even identifying an ancient site is an invasion of privacy. Once located, a site might appear to be abandoned when it is not. Nobody but family should be hanging around an ancient burial site in Hawaii. But I know Hawaii Five-0 has a number of local cultural advisors and I have my fingers crossed that we can enjoy the plot without cringing at the execution.

So anyway, TODAY, this tweet from Dante: “Directing this episode right now” included a link to the story I just quoted. That means Freddie is on the islands RIGHT NOW. Oooh, I get chills up my spine just thinking about it. Halloween will be a little scarier this year in Hawaii.


  1. That's so cool – I would love to meet the real Freddy Kreuger!  I definitely used to be a huge Nightmare on Elm Street fan.  Thanks for the info!

  2. The writers are so creative and they have cultural advisors, so i'm sure it will turn out great ! Guess I'm staying in on Halloween this year to watch the show !

  3. In the Hawaii Five-0 episodes so far, the show has had a much more nuanced approach to Hawaii traditions than comes through in the capsule summary provided by CBS press releases. would have no idea of the sensitivity of the subject when they abbreviated it even more. I'm betting (hoping) this is the case with regard to the Halloween episode.

  4. Ancient Hawaiian Burial grounds are a plenty here in Hawaii.  As a matter of fact, Walmart on Keeaumoku is built on Ancient Hawaiian Burial grounds.  I have friends that have and will never enter that store for that reason.   So for that matter, Freddie could be in Walmart and that would still be considered lurking on Ancient Hawaiian Burial grounds.  Aloha Freddie is that you!

  5. Love Freddy!!!  And Kalei, I never knew that about Walmart, I've never been in that one myself but wow I'd really hate to be an overnight stock person in that store.

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