Hawaii Five-0 season two premieres on Waikiki beach

And the Hawaii-Aloha SOTB 2011 group has continued to score big!

I have to start off by saying that you’d think the odds would be against a small group of 60+ vs the 10,000+ fans that crammed Kuhio Beach Park Saturday night to see the Red Carpet walk for the stars of the TV show. You’d think so. But not if you got to know the assemblage that came together in a very admirable group effort to claim a front row piece of sand right at the end of the walkway. This group had it together!

Bruce’s crowd entered their third day here with “the list” as their foremost priority in carrying out the all important stake out. It contained the shifts that small groups of 3 or 4 signed up for to get out on the beach and hold down the spot. The first ones came out about 3AM. It was dark and cool and they watched a full moon set over the water. They had the pick of the place. Different groups didn’t start to arrive until sunup, and then another wave came in around noon. When the sun hit in the morning, our group combined their money to rent large umbrellas to cover the area they had laid out with the sheets from their hotel beds. This was quite an encampment, with coolers & food, ipads & phones to stay connected (it is suppose to be a free wifi hotspot area), and towels & chairs just purchased from the ABC store. This was a tent city made to house almost 70 people! As the day went on, it didn’t seem to matter anymore if the list said it was one’s time to be there … there was always someone under the umbrellas to watch when anyone went to swim or shop. This group had endless energy, many running on very little sleep by their own choice. This was why they were here in Hawaii, and they were going to do it right.

When I got there and started asking how everything was going, I had to defer to the Honolulu Star Advertiser reporter who also just showed up for follow up information from the story he had run the previous day about them. They also caught the attention of one of the executive producers of the show by tweeting him a picture of their stake out. He had boxes of Liliha Bakery’s famous cocopuffs sent over to them. Amazing!! And later that night when the live broadcast of the event started, the CBS and local news crews stopped right in front of them for crowd shots and interviews. Could it get any better?

Of course it could. When the stars went down the carpet (agonizingly slowly due to personal interviews given to each and every media person they passed by…. but actually that was a great thing to add to local coverage of the event which all can be found online), each one stepped off the carpet into the sand (designer shoes and all) to walk over to the fans hanging over the fencing, holding out items to autograph and cameras for pictures. When the first celebrity down, Mark Dacasco, was stopped from coming over by a large security guy, he went around him and jumped over the velvet rope to get to the crowd. We all laughed, including the body guard. After that, the guard didn’t stop any of the rest. Our group got to personally greet all the cast members, including the absolute hunk of the night, Alex O’, who even made a return stop to see the quilt that four of the women had made for him.

With this being the first ever Hawaii-Aloha SOTB event, no one could have guessed how it was going to work out. It was an opportunity. But not a given. The dynamics of the group made it a success and I have to think that everyone will go back home and pinch themselves, not believing they had such amazing luck on this trip, let alone, fun, sun, food, friends, Aloha, and STARS.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher