Hawaii Five-0 fans enjoy their star quest

But Friday night was all about fun, eating, dancing and friends

Nothing says Hawaii like a luau. And most luaus, if done right, can be quite entertaining. So when host, Bruce Fisher, sent out a notification for all participants to be prompt due to a full schedule of events, that was a pretty good sign that the night was going to be momentous. And it was, from the backdrop of Waikiki’s turquoise waves through the yellow sunset, to the traditional Hawaiian blessing of the food, to the crazy wild bumping of Tahitian dancers, to a whole roasted pig presented with flair! And who in the world knew that Bruce himself could show those young dancers a thing or two when it comes to bustin’ out a move. I think you could hear the cheering all the way up the Waianae coast.

Thus ended day two of events for this group of people from all over the world who came to Honolulu to see the world premier of the show which will be projected on the big screen in Waikiki Beach. I have to say I was glad to report no major sunburns were spotted after this first day in the sun. But even bigger news was that a now famous gang of 4′ Alex <3ers made the papers after being on island less than 24 hours. Now that's getting down to business. It's a bit long for here and can be read via the online edition of the Honolulu Star Advertiser, but the short version is about fans who became great friends online while following the show's news, but especially news of Steve O, and finally meet in person for the first time here for the premier and their chance to see him live and in person. These ladies were already beside themselves for just being here, but now to see that their story is a feature on the news… well it just made you happy to see them so happy - another Only In Hawaii'. Other people in the group enjoyed their day, all in different manners. A couple from Texas spent the entire day doing the “Lost” tour. Two sisters from Ohio stayed close to the beach area, taking in the shops and allowing themselves just a bit of sun to prove to family back home that they really had been here. Others bobbed around in the waves and had fun watching the swell and the surfers roll in. And there was a little work to be done too. The “list” was reviewed for those who have signed up to help stake out a piece of the sand tomorrow in front of the stage. The plan is to do shifts taking turns keeping the space claimed, starting early morning, before the big crowds arrive, a cooperative measure that will benefit them all, and under the heat of the afternoon sun, is an admirable undertaking. The evening ended with a Polynesian Fire Dance to Hawaiian rap music and a required visit from the fire marshal who attended over the safety of the group, which by this time has spilled out onto the boardwalk and had attracted a large group of onlookers who were just passing by and stopped to watch. Then it was *crew* t-shirt time and a large box was opened up, some to be worn immediately while others folded neatly for souvenir only status. And then for the finale, as if on cue, the whole thing ended just seconds before the weekly Friday fireworks show over the ocean. A very fitting way to end a very fun fill evening. Video: blessing opens luau, food arrives, Waikiki Beach

Video: dancers at sunset luau, Waikiki Beach

Posted by: Bruce Fisher