Hawaii Five-0 fans arrive for premiere

The H50 fan club is IN the house … Tweeting, talking, & sharing their love of Hawaii’s best show on TV.

I met them at the Hawaii Five-0 Sunset on the Beach 2011 Tweet Up • reception hosted by Hawaii Aloha Travel’s own Bruce and Yaling Fisher. A proper headcount was a little hard to do, as no one sat still long enough to be counted… but at least 40 visitors, from far and near, showed up at Tikis Bar in Waikiki to start out a big weekend of H50 activities. And even though the star of the weekend is the show’s season premier Saturday night, last night seemed more about meeting other fans from all over and putting faces with names that have been on Twitter, Facebook and other internet sites, keeping up with the show’s news and each other.

And while it’s pretty obvious the ladies of the group think that Alex Mc is pretty “hot”, it’s also obvious that Hawaii is the biggest draw of all. And the group is ready to see and do it all while they can. It was amazing to see where everyone came from – Austin, Chicago, Canada, LA, Charlotte, Australia, and even local Pearl City, here on Oahu. One visitor told me she came here to Oahu last year after season one just to try to track down locations she had seen from the show. And while she did a good job considering she was one her own, Bruce’s location tour on Sunday is a must-do for her. Some visitors are experienced Hawaii travelers who make frequent trips and are happy to have another fun reason to come again and share in the fun of the premier. One local person told me about her experience as being an extra on the show. Another woman told me she had never been here before but came a few days before her husband did, so that she could enjoy the FiveO experience. While another traveler already had her trip booked and was on island when she found out about the weekend and decided it was a great way to enjoy a few days with others who love the show. There were reunions with old friends who traveled here separately, and new connections with virtual friends.

This is a really dynamic group and there is no doubt they are going to have some big time fun! Many started off with some lively but friendly showing off of home made t-shirts and buttons. Several magazines with some pictures of the show’s males stars was circulated around, again, and then again. And the sunset was gorgeous over Waikiki beach, which prompted fun group shots, and quick postings to Twitter and Facebook to show the world how lucky they felt to be here in Hawaii.

All those involved are serious show fans and I hope to get to know them better as the weekend progresses and find out more of their stories. That is if I can get them apart for a second. This group has pretty much bonded and it should be great fun for the luau today. We’ll keep you posted, so till then I’ll sign off using the words of another visitor who says she signs off the internet every night with “ Cuff me, Steve”. LOL.