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One Hawaii hotel, two names

UPDATE: apparently, the switch has been unswitched by a bankruptcy filing. If you find this as fascinating as I do, please follow in the local press. We’re moving on to less legal and more visual posts here.

The legal battle for management of a Hawaii hotel continues with two name changes in as many days.

The most recent name was The MODERN Honolulu, christened in an overnight takeover a day ago. Owners of the property are seeking to dislodge Marriott from a 30 year management contract. They filed suit in May and followed up by changing the signs and locks on the property in the early-morning hours this week, naming a new management company along with a new name for the property.

But a judge today nullified the change, returning management to Marriott and, presumably, returning the name to The Waikiki Edition. Employees had been assured of continuing positions and guests still have had access to the property amenities during the tussle. Still, the highly-publicized battle is disruptive. The twin concerns for most in Hawaii, locals and visitors alike, were whether the employees would continue to have jobs and whether guests were being taken care of. The biggest losers in the battle are probably future visitors who now have reservations about reserving a room in the mist of contested management.

Generally, the most exciting news for people on a Hawaii vacation is when the box jelly fish are due or where the ocean swells are best. Sometimes, there are television crews shooting Hawaii Five-0 or LOST and occasionally a pirate ship visits for a movie. Real, live intrigue is surprisingly rare in the islands. While I wish the best for all parties to this hotel battle, and I lament the inconvenience to anyone’s stay in Hawaii, it has been an unexpected persion.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Aug 31, 2011