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Surfing Lessons (Old school) Hawaiian style

Surfing’s origins trace back over a thousand years ago to the ancient Polynesians. Hee nalu as the Hawaiians called it or “wave sliding” was deeply ingrained into their culture and was considered the sport of the kings. To them, surfing was far beyond a recreational activity, it was an art, religion, and way of life. Today surfing has spread all over the world, where people from Dubai to Alaska and everywhere in between are riding waves. Hawaii (Oahu in particular) is universally considered the mecca of surfing, being the birthplace of the sport and the home to world renowned waves such as Pipeline and Waimea Bay.

Unfortunately, the sports popularity now overcrowds the ocean, especially in heavily populated areas like Waikiki. To offer an authentic surfing experience, it’s best to take a surf adventure on a private boat out into a secluded bay where the only crowd you will find will be the turtles swimming by.This allows you to truly connect with nature and experience the pure joy of surfing like the Polynesians did centuries ago.

I recommend highly recommend Hawaiian Surf Adventure. They have a lesson that includes a half an hour tutorial on land, a twenty minute boat ride, and one hour of surfing in the clear waters of the pacific. You’ll find the Instructors are personable and experienced surfers who will get you riding waves in no time. Video and photos of the session are also available in case you want to take back more than just your tan. They offer both group and private lessons.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Aug 23, 2011