Lanikai, turtles, and sand: beautiful, peaceful, surprising

A place meaning ‘heavenly sea’ on Oahu is worth returning to.

Many times I wonder to myself what I did sometime in my life to have now been blessed with living just a ‘hop, skip and a jump’ from one of the most amazing and highly rated beaches in the world – a beach that travelers can spend upwards of thousands to visit for just a few days – a beach where weddings are performed pretty much daily due to its beauty, with the two Mokulua Islands as their witnesses, and where a trip planned to be only in Waikiki can be lifted up to spectacular from just wonderful with a quick trip Windward for the day. A bit of geological history now: the two ‘twin islands’ offshore are erosional remnants of land now separated from the shorefront. So lucky for us beachgoers that Mother Nature provided their beauty eons ago.

my sister’s first visit… she went in with her clothes on.. couldn’t resist..

So let me step down from my cloud and tell you a little about my local beach. Until 1920 it was cut off from Kailua by a stream. Then in 1924 the bridge was built and the area was made into a subpision, with a large stone marker built at the entrance. Its only a half mile area, but contains 8 public beach accesses, which are original to the subpision. The developer put them there wanting to share this place with the public. (amazing !!!) But, unlike most other island beaches, there are no facilities and parking is on the street. (but still free! I just can’t get over this, coming from a NC beach area where residents have to practically fight for a high pay parking space.) Locals know to be respectful of the houses being parked in front of, and police do make regular sweeps to ensure all parking rules are being followed. For me, even though I can walk from my house to Kailua Beach, the draw of Lanikai is because I find the waters calmer, clearer and many times warmer. Windward beaches are just that… prone to choppy, churned up water, but Lanikai is situated so as to minimize this. I think the turtles and the fish know this too, as I see them there more often. My favorite access is the second or third from the area’s entrance. The (now dead) coral heads that lie just below the water’s surface make swimming and snorkeling more interesting. But children might hit them with their feet and get a cut or scrape, so be careful. Farther down the beach there are far fewer of them.

what a surprise my son in law had on his first day at Lanikai! Video credit: Brandon Todd.

And one last thing… my husband came home the other day and asked me did I know that I had spilled a trail of sugar all across the lanai up to the back door… I was puzzled and went out to check. Well… noooooo… I’d been to the beach and had trailed Lanikai’s beautiful white fine sand all across the floor. Case closed!

And continuing along the theme of ‘sand’ and ‘turtles’…. see them both in the next video 🙂

what’s wonderful about Lanikai sand & the ‘mystery’ turtle.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher