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Ride with the wind in Hawaii

Brisk breezes make for good kite flying weather anywhere, but in Hawaii a human is often attached. Kailua Beach Park is an especially popular place to kite board (for the adventurous) or watch human butterflies (for the timid). As I am an armchair adventurer, I love to spend afternoons in the shade of a tree on the beach watching the kites soar.

Yesterday was especially windy and kiteboarders were lined up to take advantage of the favorable conditions. The small lot between the beach and the parking area was filled with kites awaiting their turn to fly. On the beach, kite boarders took turns attaching the kites to their waist harness. Once ready on the sand, they stick their feet in straps on a surf board and take off across the water.

Kite boarders at Kailua Beach Park, Oahu, Hawaii

Often the sky is dotted with kites and it takes some skill to avoid one another in the air. On the beach, the non-aviary types take care not to walk on the lines that are stretched out on the sand to be sure they are not tangled before being attached.

We spent this wonderful afternoon playing in the waves and sitting on the sand while kite boarders provided entertainment – all at no cost. It is a regular weekend activity for locals and well worth adding to a Hawaii vacation itinerary. The winds aren’t always this good, but the beach is always this beautiful!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Aug 7, 2011