Hawaii welcomes new stars to Five-0

It’s adding up to a big premiere party as more stars are added to the Hawaii Five-0 lineup. Over the past few weeks, fictional Hawaii has gotten a new governor as well as top cops, bad and good.

One of the latest additions is Billy Baldwin, who joins the television drama as a corrupt ex-cop heading up a crime ring composed of other dirty officers. He’ll knock heads with his former partner, played by Tom Sizemore, now heading internal affairs. An earlier hint in a TV Guide article suggested that Grace Park’s Kono would “catch the eye” of a former crooked cop as she tries to infiltrate his ring.

That should add some conflict for the Five-0 team, and it also takes the crime drama a step beyond the original. Continuing villan Wo-Fat came with the re-boot but these new characters add a different dimension. Alex O’Laughlin’s Steve McGarret gets a mentor in the form of Terry O’Quinn who plays the Navy SEAL who trained him, and a possible new romantic interest in Lauren German, a homeland security officer charged with keeping an eye on the Five-0 team.

Killing off the governor, played by Jean Smart, guaranteed a replacement this season. We know now it is her lieutenant governor, who was not mentioned in season one. Richard T. Jones (Judging Amy) joins the cast in that role.

We don’t yet know how many of these new actors will join the team for the Sunset on the Beach premiere on September 10. A local favorite might be on hand, though. Manoa native MMA Champ Egan Inoue appears in the season opener, according to the @HawaiiFive0CBS twitter stream.

It’s a lot of new faces for the second season! As they say in Hawaii, hana ho (encore)!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher