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Why choose Maui?

Maui is a prime Hawaii vacation spot for family, business, and celebrity vacationers alike. Why choose Maui over O’ahu? Let’s hear from people I spoke with around Maui when they asked me for directions to their destinations or to find out where the locals here like to eat etc. All these were collected while I was at various locations around the island.

“You know Maui is just all out beautiful. My boy friend and I came to Maui because the hotel district on O’ahu is too loud. At night I enjoy my sleep, but with all the night clubs in Waikiki and Honolulu it makes it very hard. We stayed at the Sheraton in West Maui and have to say, Maui is a lot quieter then the madness in Waikiki. My boy friend Shannon thinks Maui is the BEST vacation spot in the world. We have been to Sint Maarten, Gibraltar, and Dubai, but have to say Maui is the quietest of all the places we have been. I would come back in a heart beat. Like the locals say, “Maui No Ka Oi!” – Jill and Shannon from Whales England

“Aloha Maui! It has been so long since I was here last. Maui looks just about the same from back in 1998 when I came here for a school trip. The locals are friendly and I feel like I belong here. My family is psyched that we had won the Win a Trip to Maui sweepstakes. Gonna check out the surf, go on a whale watch or 2, then check out the luaus. Maui is an amazing island. This is going to be great!” – Glenda from Arizona

“Maui is the perfect get away from the madness of the Big Apple. For one thing when sleeping at night, I can actually sleep. Waikiki is nice, but way too loud when multiple clubs at the hotels are having parties and club nights. I can actually watch the sunrise and sunset without having to listen to loud music. I usually vacation in South Maui and love the true beauty of the sunsets and sunrises. Unlike the Big Apple, Maui is a place that I can truly see myself relaxing. Waikiki does not have that quality to it. If I were to choose between O’ahu and Maui, Maui is the place I’d rather come to each time.” -Kenneth From NYC

People Who came to Maui on Student Visas. Here is what they had to say:

“Coming all they way from Iran for a Hawaiian vacation is a wonderful experience. Unlike the homeland and the constant sounds of bombs going off, Maui is the place to be. Being on a student visa and being able to go to school here in America is amazing. On Maui I don’t have to constantly be watching my back. Praise Allah for the quietness on Maui. My son also loves it here. We love Maui. I’m also amazed to find out that Maui has a good number of Muslims here. Unlike Iran, Maui is the perfect get away from the craziness of our homeland. I’m even thinking on moving my family here permanently that is how much I love the island and this country. Thanks a lot for the generous hospitality and warm welcomes. I am coming back in April of next year. Maui Love you.” – Mushan From Iran

“My cousin and I had a student visa from Germany 4 years ago. Being able to live on the island was like a dream come true. During the winter time on Maui we could wear shorts and those rubber slippers. We love the people on the island and made some great friends during our time learning at HP Baldwin High School. Even though we were here purely for high school, it felt like a year long vacation that we loved so dearly. Coming back to Maui is like coming back to our second home away from Europe. Maui how we have missed you. Looking forward to the luaus and beaches again.” – Olivia from Germany

“Living in Severnaya Russia and being able to come to Maui for high school was an awesome choice. The student visa program for America is totally awesome. The people here are so kind to us non-natives. I felt a little uncomfortable at first, but once I was boarding with a Hawaiian family I felt like I was at home. The luaus are awesome and love the warm climates. Even though I was not on a true vacation, being on Maui and able to learn was an awesome one. Love Maui and the native people. Spasiba Maui I will be coming back.” – Nataliya of Russia

What is your favorite reason to visit Maui on a Hawaii vacation?

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jul 18, 2011