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Your own island in Hawaii

All of the fun of enjoying Hawaii from the water and none of the headache can be yours on Red Dolphin Island. Don’t bother looking at a map, it is not one of the eight Hawaii islands. It is an activity center off Waikiki on Oahu.

As befits a tropical island, it had a past life. Two years ago, Kandoo Island launched to fanfare but ceased operations within weeks. This time, Red Dolphin Island began quietly, forming partnerships in its quest to offer a host of ocean activities at a reasonable price. The concept of the two islands is the same, as is the floating platform. But while Kandoo attempted to provide all the activities itself, Red Dolphin is reaching out to existing operations. One example is the way you get to the island. I saw a brightly colored Kandoo Island bus touring the streets of Waikiki during its brief existence. Now, however, Red Dolphin apparently has an arrangement with the red double-decker Aloha Bus to transport people to the boat.

Enough with history. What can you do on your Hawaiian island? According to online listings, a modest fee of $20 grants you access and the following “free” activities: Water Trampoline, Water Slide, Swimming, Diving Platforms, Sun Bathing and Assorted Water Toys. For ala carte fees, you can add: Canoe Surfing, Helmet Diving, Jet Ski, Kayak, Parasail, Private yacht, Sailing Canoe, Screamer, Scuba Diving, Snorkel Gears Rental, Snorkeling Guide Tour, Sport Fishing, and Surfing Lessons.

We passed by the Red Dolphin Island today on a yacht race. The ocean off Waikiki was beautiful – good wind, bright sun, beautiful blue waves. On the ocean were a handful of private yachts, some commercial kite boats, a couple of dinner cruise ships — and Red Dolphin Island. It is the most economical way of all of them to experience the waters of Hawaii and gain an exclusive view of these beautiful islands.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jul 9, 2011