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Ala Moana Center Is THE Place to Be For the 4th of July in Hawaii

Take my Word on That, I’m an Islander. ☺

Big City fireworks are a real treat for me, coming from a podunk kind of town. Here in Honolulu I’ve been thrilled each year to go to big displays, and this year, Ala Moana Center (AMC), who puts on an amazing display every year anyway, is going all out and has scheduled its biggest and longest display to date. And considering HNL is on the list of best 25 displays in the nation’, I think this will really be something.

And being a shopping center, it is also offering lots of holiday sales and specials. If you go to their website, you can download savings passes’ that give you 20% off any item in participating stores. You can use the pass each day of the long weekend. In addition, visitors and residents can sign up for a Vegas and gift card giveaway. There is one drawing every day of the weekend.

One of the best things about AMC, for me, is their dedication to presenting live free entertainment to shoppers. It happens all through the year, but on this weekend, their center court stage is staying very busy with performances all afternoon, all weekend long. This is a way people on Hawaii Vacations to see what Hawaiian music is all about….. it’s so much more than just hula music! And on the Fourth, the entertainment gets cranked up a notch or two for the concert on their parking deck that looks out over the Pacific. They always book the most popular groups on in the State, and I attend this concert without fail every year. It’s been a real treat to be able to see the best of the best – and all FREE. Considering what concert tickets sell for now, it’s not surprising to see how many people turn out for the show. This show starts in late afternoon (and yes, it’s really hot on that parking deck, but residents know how to cope – with umbrellas and hats, sunscreen and drinks, food and smiles). It continues until dark and then the fireworks begin, so you are already all situated and ready to watch from the very best location.

I’ve always been disappointed that I never had a visitor for the 4th so that I could show off my now beloved Oahu and prove how it does love to celebrate. So, mainlanders: please be my virtual visitor.. or do come in person and don’t shy away from holiday weekends. Hawaii has a lot to offer and it always puts an Aloha spin on it to make it extra special.

All three images by Milton Hee

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jul 2, 2011