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It’s a date: Hawaii Five-0 returns to Sunset on the Beach

It is an easy date to remember: 9/10/11. It may not be as easy to find a spot on the Waikiki sand for the season two premiere at Sunset on the Beach (SOTB). Last year, it was standing room only for the first sneak-peek of Hawaii Five-0. From the water to the street, the entire area was filled with fans anxious to see the television series reboot.

The SOTB showing is a full ten days ahead of the broadcast premiere on Monday, September 19. CBS says Hawaii Five-0 will celebrate its second season and the DVD release of the first season at a “star-studded premiere event.” The series regulars are slated to attend, as they did last year, but now Masi Oka is also listed as a team member, along with Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim, and Grace Park. It was announced recently that his role as the coroner is being expanded. Tom Sizemore and Terry O’Quinn are also appearing in recurring roles in the coming year. O’Quinn will debut in the premiere episode, so may also attend SOTB. He has already walked the red carpet on the sand for the Lost finale at SOTB.

In addition to the actors, the premiere last year included local musicians, the University of Hawaii marching band, family members of series creator Leonard Freeman, a letter from the original Danno, James MacArthur, and comments from Peter Lenkov, the executive producer. Lenkov described the series as a labor of love, recalling his father’s fondness for the original series. Lenkov is listed as co-author of the season two premiere episode and has said recently that it was conceived alongside the season one finale so there is no break in the action. The script for the premiere was finished last week and shooting begins on July 11. Almost exactly two months later, the first episode will be shown on the big beach screen.

The exact entertainment line-up has not yet been announced. If you’re planning to attend, get there early and block off the entire night because it’s a party that’s not likely to run on time. If you are visiting Hawaii for the event, give some serious thought to an organized group, like the package put together by Hawaii Aloha Travel. You’ll have someone to watch your place while you stand in line for food or the bathroom, and friends to share the excitement!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 29, 2011