An actor who was Lost on the island has found a new role on Hawaii Five-0 and reruns of the first season continue to do well in the summer ratings.

Terry O’Quinn played John Locke on the Lost television series, which also starred Daniel Dae Kim, Hawaii Five-0‘s Chin Ho Kelly. His new role on the crime drama next season will be more closely connected with Alex O’Loughlin, though. O’Quinn is cast as a former Navy SEAL commander who trained Steve McGarrett and served with his father in the Vietnam War. Kim welcomed the news with a Tweet saying “Class, talent and professionalism — not to mention a great golf swing ; ) – welcome back to the island, Mr. Terry O’Quinn.” If O’Quinn loves golf, he has even more reason to enjoy Hawaii with its 70 golf courses on six islands.

Overnight figures show that six million viewers found last night’s rebroadcast of Hawaii Five-0, Season one episode 18 “Loa Aloha.” That is slightly below the rebroadcast last week that was first in households for its Monday time slot with 7.56 million viewers. It was the number ten program of the week overall and the fifth of top CBS programs of the week, behind the two NCIS franchises, The Mentalist and 60 Minutes. Also announced last week, when the 3.25 million viewers who watched Hawaii Five-0 on DVR were added, the ratings for season one increased from a 2.9 rating to 4.0 – that’s the second highest gain in number of DVR viewers of any show last season.

Writers for Hawaii Five-0 are back at work but the actors don’t report until July so there may be still more casting news. At least one media outlet (Zap2it) is guessing that O’Quinn is NOT the “new team member” that show executive producer Peter Lenkov hinted at and we still don’t have the identity of the new governor.

We do know that the season one premier will be shown in Hawaii before anyone else sees it, like last year’s season opener. There’s nothing like watching the action on a giant screen at Sunset on the Beach, from a blanket on the sand with the sound of the surf nearby. A special Hawaii travel package is available from Hawaii Aloha Travel. However you get here, plan to stake out your spot in the sand early – the beach is sure to again fill with fans to see the “shocker” show producers have promised us for the first episode.


  1. I have loved him over the years in different TV series.  West Wing, Jag most especially, and of course my sci-fi flick X-Files.  Glad to see he's back.

  2. Not a fan yet, haven't seen one show yet, i keep my cost of living low by watching free tv and subscribing to Netflix. However, I do look forward to watching the next new episode on SOTB. I just don't like to be disappointed by shows that portray Hawaii in a negative manner, shows that cannot pronounce Hawaiian words correctly, or create impossible or unbelievable scenarios.   
    What would be of interest would be movies that tell of Hawaii's ancient history by someone who does their homework and, of course, with backing by proper local historians and kupuna. With so much history in our islands, I'm surprised there is only 1 movie that was produced (that I know of, Princess Ka'iulani) that came close to one worthy to watch, however, I've never seen it yet because of the heartbreak that awaits at the end of the movie and some of the negative publicity it has already generated before release.
    A nice change up would be a movie about Henry Opukaha'ia, the young Hawaiian man who caught ride on a trade ship in the late 1700's ending up in Cornwall, Connecticut who, after being "saved" as a Christian and shares with his close friends his desire to come home and "save" his fellow Hawaiians who were still living under the "Kapu" system, would pass away at an early age before his dreams would come true. His close friends in Connecticut would eventually be a part of the arrival of the first recorded Christians arrival in 1820 that would change the face of Hawaii forever. Other great movies would be of the great Warrior Kekuhaupi'o and the birth and rise of Kamehameha I, the arrival of the first Marquesians and Tahitians, or something inspirational.     
    Granted, these modern shows do provide great publicity and advertisement for Hawaii. 

  3. Am sure the new season it will be as,  if not more,  adventuresome and exciting as this season.  Can't wait!

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