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Perfect weather for Hawaii nights

Temperatures in Hawaii do not stray far from fabulous each day, from noon to midnight. That is a comfortable thought when much of the mainland is headed for sweltering summer highs.

For this date in history, the all-time high Honolulu temperature is 90 degrees (set in 1996). The record low is 68 (1949). The averages are 87 and 73 – a variation of 14 degrees from “cold” of night to the heat of day. Most of the time, windows are open 24 hours to the breeze that makes these temperatures even more comfortable.

In contrast, I remember nights that were unbearable without air conditioning in the south; 90 degrees and humid at night after daytime highs in the hundreds. Colorado had far more comfortable sleeping weather, but it was chilly after the sun went down. Today at 9 pm, it is below 60 in Colorado (brr) but above 80 in Texas (whew!). In Honolulu, it is 75 (ahhh!) On the off-chance that you find even this temperature the slightest bit warm, most Hawaii hotels are air-conditioned.

For a Hawaii vacation, this means packing is simple. There is no need for evening sweaters or jackets – a shawl is quite enough. Evening walks are pleasant and even late-night strolls are not frigid or oppressively hot.

Pleasant summer nights are a luxury that few who were born in these islands appreciate. It takes the memory of: the buzz of mosquitos, the smell of insect repellant, clammy air still with humidity and heat that still rises from the earth to truly revel in Hawaii’s comfortable nights with the scent of flowers on the refreshing breeze.

As wonderful as a Hawaii escape might seem in the dead of winter, it is just as lovely in summer. Sweet dreams!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 20, 2011