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Hawaii Five-0 preps for second season

The familiar car is parked but writers are already back at work on season two of Hawaii Five-0. Shooting will begin next month when the cast and crew return to the islands. And plans are being made for the season premier at Sunset on the Beach in September.

Writers reported back to work last Monday but they weren’t starting from scratch on the new season. Show executive producer Peter Lenkov has said that the final show of last season and the first show of the second season were planned together. Lenkov was at an industry “PitchCon” last week and spoke with several media outlets. He says there is a resolution of sorts at the end of the premier episode but there will be unresolved issues that continue through the second season. And he promises another major surprise for the premier, what he calls a “shocker” like the season finale.

By now, it should not surprise any fans that a new governor is needed for the show. Lenkov said it would be nice to cast someone from the islands but I haven’t seen that the decision has been made. He hinted there may also be a new member of the team. One person we’ll be seeing more of is the coroner played by Masi Oka. The former Heroes star says his occasional appearances last season have developed into a regular role in season two. And just to show the global reach of the franchise, Mark Dacascos was interviewed recently regarding his role as villain Wo Fat for Today newspaper in Singapore.

Hawaii Five-0 fans from around the world are making plans to be in Honolulu for the premier. Although the date has not yet been confirmed, estimates are September 8-15. Last year, the premier in Hawaii was at Sunset on the Beach on September 13 followed by the television broadcast on September 20, the same date as the original series. Hawaii Aloha Travel is putting together a fan package that includes a luau, breakfast, premier-watching and a Hawaii Five-0 tour. On a similar event for the finale of Lost, the fans had as much fun meeting one another and comparing notes as they did watching for the stars on the red carpet.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 13, 2011