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I Fell and I Couldn’t Get Up

My Recent Forage into Medical Care and Aloha.

I know that folks coming here on Hawaii Vacations have wondered about what kind/quality of health care is provided way out here in the middle of the Pacific. It was a big concern of mine when I started planning my move here and I really had no way of finding out the answer until I got here and started needing it. And since the subject is worth a whole blog post of its own (which I promise is coming and the final answer will be that it’s GREAT ), I’ll keep this one to my story and get some of the questions answered.

Some fun Hawaii pictures to lighten the mood: paddling out into turquoise, kissing Buddah, Lanikai

I was in Chinatown on a Saturday and I had heavy bags on each shoulder. It was raining when I got out and started my walk back to the car, I hit a puddle, I was wearing slippers (flipflops), and my feet went out from under me. I knew I’d broken something as soon as I hit the pavement and couldn’t move due to pain. I finally tried to get up and couldn’t so I just laid back down on the sidewalk. There was no one around me. I couldn’t get to my phone. I waited for the Universe to make its next move (which could have taken some time considering, quite bluntly, Chinatown has its share of shady inpiduals who are often found on the ground – so it’s not like being prone is going to attract a lot of attention). Then there was an umbrella over me, and a generous, wonderful anonymous couple who drove me to my house and from there I went to Castle Hospital, the only hospital on the windward side (yes they took me across the island). That’s where the Aloha comes into the story. Good people are everywhere in the world, but I still like to believe that Hawaii’s aloha spirit is rather magical.

More fun pictures: flora of Hawaii

So on a very late Saturday afternoon, the processing time from driving up to the entrance, checking in and then getting into an ER bay and care started was less than 10 minutes. I give them a TEN for that! The rest of the care I received continued at a very acceptable rate. I ended up being admitted for pain control (diagnosis was fracture of the socket that the hip ball goes into). Castle is an Adventist Care facility and, for me, proved it can meet its goals of care and caring. Ok, morning coffee was about a 2, but I’ll forgive them that. I was very pleased and can recommend this facility for all care (except high level trauma), even heart attack, as they can diagnose and stabilize before sending on to a Honolulu facility. They have rehab services, Centers for Cancer, Bones, and Birthing, and a highly acclaimed café open to the public. The orthopod on call for my care has won my loyality and I don’t feel compelled to look at big groups over in Honolulu like I used to. With Windward Oahu seeing so many tourists, and with the number of times I hear the sirens go by the main drag, I know services are being sought, unfortunately. But things happen on vacation. Don’t hesitate to stay on this side of the Pali if the Universe sends an emergency your way too.

Relaxing video of the beach on the windward side of Hawaii.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 11, 2011