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Hawaii Local Grindz: Ward Warehouse

Save money on food by eating like a local on your Hawaii vacation.*

A line of shops forms an open-air food court in the center of the Ward Warehouse. The shops are surrounded with covered seating that provides a convenient, comfortable place to get good food quickly. The warehouse is one of three major buildings in Ward complex, located along the beach across from the Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu.

The offerings in this strip of shops range from Korean barbeque to American sandwiches, with sushi and Hawaii local favorites in the center. In addition to its regular menu, each shop offers a special plate. The Korean BBQ Express stand has daily specials that range from $4.95 for Chicken Curry on Tuesday and Teri Chicken or Beef bowls on Thursday to $8.95 (regular) $6.75 (small) plates on the other days. Next door at Mr. Egg Roll, the special mix plates are $6.75 for generous servings of a meat, vegetables and rice. Both places have “cash only” signs in the window.

Brian’s Hawaiian kitchen offers sandwiches, fries and hamburgers ($3.25) and plate lunches that include meats such as chicken katsu, barbeque chicken or teriyaki steak with rice and tossed or macaroni salad. The small plates are around $6 and large around $8. In addition, the menu has a “Local Favorites” section with saimin for $3.99, fried saimin for $5.25, Chili rice for $4.99, chili frank for $5.75 and Spam musubi for $1.50. Local plate lunches include Kalua pork and cabbage ($6.25/$8.25) and beef stew or curry ($5.95/$7.25). As with most local plate lunches, servings are generous.

Sushi at Ward has many options, from single pieces to bento and miso soup. The Subway menu is pretty much the same as on the mainland, although prices may be slightly higher.

The hours are 10-8 or 9 during the week, Sunday 10-6. Most shops have vegetarian options.

There are other fast food places in the Ward complex, as well as 20 full restaurants. Hawaii Vacation packages don’t include meals so it makes sens to find affordable dining choices This area is a fun place to browse any time, but especially if it is raining or you need to stay out of the sun. Many stores are locally owned, rather than chains, and feature unique items. I could spend an entire day in the Native Books/Na Mea Hawaii store alone. Often, I happen on to art or flower displays in the center courtyard next to the food shops.

*grindz means food in Hawaii.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 5, 2011