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New television show to shoot in Hawaii

ABC gives Hawaii scenery and takes it away. One television series that was based in the islands will not return in the fall but it seems that a new one will take its place.

“Off the Map” has used its Hawaii location to stand in for an Amazon rain forest. The medical-drama debuted at mid-season but struggled to find an audience and is not on the fall schedule. “Off the Map” had shot its pilot in Puerto Rico before moving series shooting to Hawaii. Similarly, “The River” shot a Puerto Rico pilot. The local movie industry has been wondering if series shooting would also move to Hawaii. Apparently, Puerto Rico was offering tax credits to retain the series. But Mike Gordon, film and television reporter for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, says ABC has told him it will shoot “The River” in the islands. If his Tweet turns out to be true, it would be welcome news for local actors and support people.

As with “Off the Map,“ “The River” is set in the Amazon and is scheduled to have a midseason start. This is the plot synopsis from the ABC website:

“The River” follows the story of wildlife expert and TV personality Emmet Cole. Emmet set course around the world with his wife, Tess, and son, Lincoln, while filming what would become one of the most popular shows in television. After he goes missing deep in the Amazon, his family, friends and crew set out on a mysterious and deadly journey to find him.

Bruce Greenwood as Emmet Cole
Joe Anderson as Lincoln Cole
Paul Blackthorne as Clark
Paulina Gaitan as Jahel
Leslie Hope as Tess Cole
Eloise Mumford as Lena
Shaun Parkes as Adjay
Thomas Kretschmann as Captain Kurt Brynildson
Daniel Zacapa as Emilio

Photo from ABC.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 2, 2011