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Keeping it Beautiful in Hawaii

Want to look your best while on vacation in paradise? Maybe you’re getting married. Maybe you didn’t get a manicure, pedicure, or some color on your skin before you left. Maybe indulging in a relaxing massage is in order. After all, vacations were made for indulging, so go for it!

Liz Fletcher, owner of Paradise Beauty Salon and Spa in Kauai, has been making men and women beautiful since 1998 and recently, I got pampered with a much needed facial. Lying on the table in a comfortable sarong, and draped in light blankets, Liz began to examine my skin with an expert eye. She asked a couple of questions and then quietly got to work.

The soothing music and gentle ministrations relaxed me and I began to unwind. Exfoliating my face with a scrub that had glycolic acid in it, she left it on and directed a warm puff of steam towards my face. My eyes were closed and I felt a warm towel gently cleaning my feet. Soon they were massaged, moisturized and tucked into warm electric booties.

With my hands in electric mittens, she gently wiped off the scrub with a warm towel and confidently performed extractions. The best part was when she gave me a head and neck massage. It was so good I asked her if she was also a professional massage therapist!Surrendering to her extensive knowledge, I am completely at her mercy. She places a soft cloth over my face and red lights start to flash; a zapping noise follows, but it doesn’t hurt. This is a new technology called LED. It eliminates blemishes and sun damage so your skin looks younger. She finishes my treatment with an oxygenating moisturizer and then applies a light anti-aging SPF. My skin looks and feels fantastic!

Paradise Beauty’s extensive services include manicures, pedicures, hair care and total body waxing. If you are coming to Kauai to get married, Liz will make you gorgeous for your big day. Bridal Services and Hawaii Wedding Packages include makeup, up dos, manis and pedis, massage, groom’s haircut, St. Tropez self tanning, and body treatments. She’ll even come to your hotel room or vacation rental!.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Apr 27, 2011