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Photo Tours on Kauai

Have you ever been surrounded by Hawaii’s stunning scenery and tried to capture it with a photograph? Somehow, it just isn’t the same. It is possible to get shots just like the professionals on your Hawaii Vacation, if you know the tricks of the trade.

Kauai Photo Tours not only shares the tips and tricks they’ve cultivated over years as professional photographers in Hawaii, but secret locations that you would never find as a visitor. While working on an article, my husband Dan and I were able to tag along with a family from Australia to see how it’s done. Levi Fabiana, a professional photographer born and raised on Kauai, was our guide.

We were on the EZ Tour ($119 plus tax) where we would see up to 14 scenic locations in five or so hours, depending on the clients. Today, Levi’s clients are in no hurry. As we work our way along the coast, in an air conditioned van that seats six, Levi chats with each of them to insure they get just what they want from the tour.

They shoot turquoise coastlines that are dotted with coral reefs and stretch forever. Walking a short distance through wild jungle foliage, we came upon a secluded beach. Learning about composition, they frame a shot of “King Kong” mountain (named after a scene in the original movie) by an arching Ironwood tree; the restless ocean filling in the middle. They take shots of amazing vistas overlooking the canopy of Kauai’s tropical rainforest dotted with colorful flowers, a serene ocean in the distance.Over a quick lunch at one of Levi’s favorite local joints, he answers our endless questions. Back in the van Levi points out where, as a growing boy, he had many adventures including jumping off waterfalls and swimming at Hanalei Pier. The family from Australia is here for three days and happy they took the time to enjoy Kauai’s beauty through the eyes of a fun-loving local boy. Back at the shop, owner Michele Tylor transfers their pictures onto CDs.

Kauai Photo Tours provides all the equipment you need and offers hiking, private and portrait tours. If you are a painter, you can take a “Paint for the Day” tour where all the painting supplies are offered, including an easel!

Photos by Dan Lane..

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Apr 17, 2011