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New Way to Enjoy Kaneohe Bay in Hawaii

The reflection of the majestic Koolau Mountains is just one of the amazing things about this bay on the windward side of Oahu. Until now, many activities been available only to those with access to private boats.

The opening of Paradise Bay Resort will allow Hawaii Vacation goers a way to enjoy bay features such as the sand bar in the middle of Kaneohe Bay. This island-style resort will focus primarily on marine activities. Guests will be treated to a Saturday excursion to the sandbar and snorkeling boat tour. Private parties may also rent the boat, which comes with a full crew and snorkel equipment. Area eco-tours will be provided by Wet Feet and Windward Water Sports of Kailua will provide kayaking and stand up paddling opportunities as well as the island’s only Hawaiian history outrigger canoe tour. Plans are to add sport fishing as well.

Owner Stephanie Ryan is an architect with experience building high-end residential homes in California, and a life-long love of Hawaii. “The first time I came to Hawaii I was 13 years old and I knew I was going to get back over here,” she says. Because the housing market on the mainland was “the best in the whole world,” she stayed there, completing 37 projects. “I knew I had to work hard and get done quickly to move here” — and she did just that, retiring to Hawaii three years ago.

Ryan wants guests to feel as though they are lost in paradise, surrounded by waterfalls, mountains and the ocean. “I want people to see palm trees and nature instead of being surrounded by a concrete jungle,” Ryan says. “This is the place I would like to have found when I first visited; there is nowhere on Oahu with the same feel.” Ryan says a concierge desk will soon be set up to help guests and day visitors coordinate bay activities. It will be a new way to experience a beautiful part of Oahu, between the North Shore and Kailua/Lanikai beaches.

Photos provided by Paradise Bay Resort

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Apr 13, 2011