More Hawaii on TV This Weekend

Watching shows about Hawaii can prepare you for what you’ll see when you come here for a Hawaii Vacation. The search for exciting adventures brings Bert the Conqueror to Hawaii in an episode airing Sunday. Host Bert Kreischer travels around the country in this Travel Channel series, now in its second season.

In Hawaii, Bert visits Wet ‘N Wild to try out the Shaka ride. After that, he goes to the North Shore of Oahu for a marine tour with Hawaii Shark Encounters. We don’t know if he found any sharks, but he apparently survived both the Shaka and the sharks because his third stop is with North Shore Paddle Adventures where he gets involved in a local standup paddle board competition.

I have to confess I’ve never seen this show, but I love watching TV shows and movies about Hawaii (even though I’m here) so I’ll try to tune in on Sunday. It airs in Hawaii at 5:00 pm on The Travel Channel; you’ll have to figure out the time change on your own. I was never good at it and since moving here have gotten worse.

The Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau “assisted” in bringing the production to Oahu as part of its efforts to feature the Hawaiian Islands on national travel shows. Can you imagine getting to visit Hawaii, make a television show about it and get “assistance” for doing so? I don’t know if Bert is really a Conqueror but he is one lucky explorer!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher