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Award Winning Hawaii Vacation News

What do you want and need to know about visiting Hawaii? That’s the question we try to answer every day in the Hawaii Vacation Blog. Along the way, we let you know about Hawaii activities, events and what we’re doing to give you a sense of what it is like to be in such a wonderful place. We’re thrilled that our efforts have earned top billing for Hawaii blogs in the Tripbase Awards 2011. This is how Tripbase describes the selection criteria:

“Arguably one of the most picturesque states in America, our panel have found some real gems in the Tripbase Awards Hawaii category. After hours of deliberation and over two hundred contenders on the shortlist, the judges managed to pick only the very highest quality blogs for your enjoyment.… The blogs listed below are the best we’ve found at highlighting the magnificence of Hawaii and the activities that visitors can look forward to experiencing once they arrive.”

The Hawaii Vacation Blog is at the top of that list. We like to think it is because we include a lot of information about Hawaii, but even more importantly, because our focus is on visitors. Whether planning the Hawaii trip-of-a-lifetime or an annual visit, we want to help you have a better experience in the islands. Please let us know if you have particular interests or questions. Nothing is too basic or too complex. If we don’t already have the answers, we’ll find out and share them with all our readers.

We also welcome guest posts – but they need to be based on real-Hawaii experiences. If you live in the islands, send us an email with some ideas for blog posts. If you visited recently, tell us about your trip, both the good and the bad. While Hawaii is an amazing destination, it’s not for everyone and not every activity is a perfect match for every traveler. The best Hawaii vacation is when your expectations and experiences match up. We think the odds of that happening are better when you have full information – not a sales or hatchet job, but a description of what others saw and did, liked or disliked so you can decide for yourself.

Even if Hawaii is just a dream for you, join us in the islands every day through our blog posts. We love to share the aloha of Hawaii. www.Tripbase.com

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Apr 1, 2011