New Hawaii Air Travel Options

It will be soon easier to fly to Kauai and Molokai. The Hawaiian islands each got news of changes in Hawaii flights recently.


Alaska Airlines will begin nonstop flights to Lihue, Kauai from San Jose and Oakland, California next week. The flights from San Jose will operate on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday each week. From Oakland, the flights will operate on four days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.


The goal for air service changes on Molokai is to allow residents of the Kalaupapa area to leave when necessary, especially for health care. Many people with Hansen’s Disease still live in the former leper colony. Yesterday, Hawaii’s senators announced that the U.S. Transportation Department will subsidize regularly scheduled air service to and from Kalaupapa. A carrier will be chosen through a bid process. The estimate is that the current Hawaii airfare of over $500 will be cut in half.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher