President Obama today reiterated to all Americans that no harmful levels of radiation are expected to reach Hawaii, the West Coast, or the Pacific Territories as a result of damage to nuclear plants in Japan. “Second, I know that many Americans are also worried about the potential risks to the United States. So I want to be very clear: We do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the United States, whether it’s the West Coast, Hawaii, Alaska, or U.S. territories in the Pacific. Let me repeat that: We do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the West Coast, Hawaii, Alaska, or U.S. territories in the Pacific. That is the judgment of our Nuclear Regulatory Commission and many other experts.” President Barack Obama, March 17, 2011. In addition, experts, most notably U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Gregory Jaczko, have repeatedly declared that there is no evidence indicating that Hawaii is in any danger. “All the available information indicates weather conditions have taken the small releases from the Fukushima reactors out to sea away from the population. Given the thousands of miles between the two countries, Hawaii, Alaska, the U.S. Territories and the U.S. West Coast are not expected to experience any harmful levels of radioactivity” (NRC News Release).

Finally, Governor Abercrombie echoed the President’s and NRC’s assessment in his statement issued this afternoon. “I want to reassure residents and visitors that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the highest authority on radiation in the nation, has indicated Japan’s nuclear emergency presents no danger to Hawaii. Our state and county monitoring systems have not detected any increase in radiation levels, and based on all available information, state and federal experts do not anticipate any risk of harmful radiation exposure to our islands. We are open for business. Hawaii continues to be the world’s paradise. “Residents do not need to take protective measures at this time. Our state Department of Health is working closely with state, county and federal agencies to monitor the situation on a minute-to-minute basis.

Ongoing updates and informational sessions are taking place with federal authorities. “In the meantime, we continue to send our aloha to the people of Japan. As one island people to another, we stand with them in solidarity and in sympathy for the challenges they are facing.”


  1. This is second hand story from a friend who said his Mom called him from Hawaii. She reported seeing men in white hazmat suits on the beaches this morning. She thought she saw ash falling from sky and sparks??? Seems far fetched and urban legend like. Has anybody else reported this?

  2. oh my goodness! this is so reassuring that the government is telling us we are ok. they have never ever lied to us about anything. There's plenty to worry about especially given the ocean currents. remember the tsunami a few days ago? where did that water come from? what makes you think radioactive material won't get to hawaii through water?

  3. […] When visits from Japan resume, it will be a welcome sign that the nation has healed from the triple earthquake – tsunami – nuclear trauma. While Japan's focus must be on recovery, the drop in travel comes just as Hawaii's visitor industry was regaining strength. Not only are visits from Japan down, some travelers from other areas are worried about the tsunami and radiation dangers in Hawaii. Government, business and educational leaders have reassured local residents and visitors that Hawaii is in no danger of harmful radiation from Japan. […]

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