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Final minutes: can the coconut wireless come through?

This is the last day to help Hawaii win $25,000 for local charities. You don’t have to buy anything or make a donation of money. The only thing that helps in this contest is your motivation – and a local designer with social media skills.

The money comes from Audi, part of a social media campaign that began with a Super Bowl ad. The commercial included a hashtag, the #keywords that help to track topics on Twitter. The link between social media and money for Hawaii is John Garcia. He wrote a tweet that included the hashtag from the Audi commercial: “ #ProgressIs remaining timeless in design, pure in performance, genuine in quality while innovating for the future. https://audi.us/ProgessIs”

A lot of content for 140 characters, yeah? Audi thought so too, making John one of ten finalists in the competition for charity. But now he needs the support of others. He was given just one week for the second phase of the contest – the week ending


. You can retweet John’s qualifying tweet, view his Twitpic, watch a Youtube video or write a blog post. Those all rack up points for his Twitter campaign. Details are on this website: https://www.voteforprogress.org/

John is competing with other Twitter power users, but this campaign separates followers from those motivated to respond. He’s counting on Hawaii’s coconut connection to pull through. You don’t have to live in Hawaii to help – just join the conversation.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Feb 18, 2011