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Made in Kauai, Hawaii

If you are anything like me, when you visit a beautiful place on vacation like Hawaii you want to take some of that place back home with you. Providing an instant reminder, an item can recall the sensations of that location.

The beauty of our islands is intoxicating and it’s easy for marketers to take advantage of that. A classic example is the misleading practice of Kona coffee blends. The “Kona” coffee you buy is most likely a blend containing only one-tenth Kona coffee in a one-pound bag, just a drop of Kona beans.

You have to be vigilant, turning packages over and making sure that beautiful hand carved wood bowl isn’t made in the Philippines or the Hawaiian shirt isn’t made in China.

I don’t know about you but, I want something that is made in the place I have visited. To insure authenticity, the county of Kauai has created an official program that assures the product has been made on Kauai.

Kauai based businesses have to prove their products are made on Kauai, using Kauai materials. Once reviewed, qualified vendors may use the Kauai Made logo insuring authenticity and quality as a local product.

In shops and kiosks around the island you will find products with a purple and green logo and the words “Kauai Made” on the bottom. The logo depicts the traditional way Hawaiians gave gifts, wrapped in ti leaves and tied into a package.

Authentic Kauai made food products range from sea salts and spices, condiments, granola, cookies, honey, chocolates, coffee, tea, goat cheese, rum and mead. Custom blended perfumes, skin care and hair care products, natural moisturizers, essential oils and perfumes are laced with tropical scents and rich in Kukui oil, avocado and aloe. Bath salts and body scrubs made with local island salt, coconut oil and mango butter bring the memory of Kauai to your bath tub on chilly winter afternoons.

Hand-crafted jewelry made from local shell, pearl, Kauai Calcite and Koa are available as well as Hawaiian lauhala style gold earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Clothes, purses, aloha wear, ukuleles, paintings, ceramics and sculptures are all handmade here in Kauai.

What ever your budget and taste, you are sure to find an authentic piece of Kauai to take home with you, just look for the Kauai Made logo.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Feb 7, 2011