Hawaii vacation? There’s an app for that

Everything you need to know about a Hawaii vacation in the palm of your hand! More than a way to access information, a new smart phone application connects you to a community of people who love Hawaii.

The free app from Hawaii Aloha Travel is available for Android and iPhones. It collects all the information on the company’s website, which includes videos, photos, news and blog posts. As you view each item, you can mark it as a favorite and post comments (click on the +). Company owner Bruce Fisher hopes the interactive features of the app will help to create an online community of people who live in or visit Hawaii. Everyone can add photos and comments to share their personal experiences with others.

When downloading the app, you also have the opportunity to subscribe to the company’s email list. The people on that list will receive notices of special discounts, events, even Tweet-ups that take place during their vacation. The ability to communicate with people while they are visiting Hawaii is one of the features that Bruce likes most about the new app. “We can let people know if there are last-minute discounts on activities they might enjoy. I have agreements with local companies to contact me if they have special deals available.”

The app replaces an earlier one that distributed only the blog. This new version is much better – it includes all the sources of information from Hawaii Aloha Travel, allows all users to contribute and to communicate directly with one another through the comments. As an app, it’s easier to use quickly than websites, and it allows access as you need it (I don’t always have a computer available while on vacation but I’m never without my phone).

The app is still fairly new. About 700 people have downloaded it and 40 or so are on the email list. Bruce says there will be a special “thank-you” reward for those who are among the first to join the email list – that’s in addition to the reward of getting real-time information about Hawaii while you’re in the islands.

The Hawaii Aloha Travel app is the latest addition to the company’s social media presence, which includes Twitter and Facebook, this blog, video and pod casts. Bruce says it’s all about building community organically by attracting people who share a love of Hawaii and providing a way for them to connect with one another.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher